Adopting Eccentricity

It works. The more bizarre and ridiculous (whether hilarious or crazy), the more likely it will stand out.

When something stands out, it’s more likely to be shared.

One of our content creation mantra is to never make anything boring. Avoid boredom like a flu.

You want your brand’s content to not only peel open the eyes of your audience, but send a jolt to their senses.

Make them feel what you want them to. This is how you accomplish high to deep engagement.


Iconic Pop Stars Do It

Adopting eccentricity is a technique or trend that gets attention, which hopefully converts to revenue.

The Taiwanese pop legendary A-Mei is doing it. Why? because it works. Check out here latest music video with Lady Gaga inspired motifs.




The Easy Formula

Produce a bizarre or bordering taboo video – yet crosses no serious lines.

Your audience wants to be shocked, enlightened, empowered.

Start producing video content that hits any of these notes – if not all, just like Gaga. She’s the 7th most influential women according to Forbes for a good reason.  has been doing since the start of her career.

Get that video cooking with the right eccentricity -rich recipe, and it’ll spread like wildfire.

People are bored of the “predictable” or the ordinary.

What’s next? More fans and buyers knocking on your doors. And no, you don’t need to be a music artist to release music videos.


暌违六年,张惠妹带着 <Amit 2> 重新发声,诡异的海报和预告 MV 已经着实吸引眼球,大吊观众胃口。


放眼看看最近的歌手 MV,几乎都在以新的视角,新的故事为主攻方向。歌迷们越来越不满足于只看歌手们在 MV 中谈个恋爱、淋场雨、跑个步而已了。

大胆的画面,丰富的色彩,出其不意的故事情节,一支 MV 足以构成一部微电影,不论这些 MV 内容评价如何,收获的却是实实在在的点击率和经济利益。



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