Press Release: Get More Customers in Shanghai, With RECQUIXIT

Shanghai Video Services – Grow Your Business Connect, Engage, And Capture Consumer Attention With Premium Motion Visuals Shanghai based RECQUIXIT makes premium videos and visual imagery available to website and business owners around the globe. NATIONWIDE, May 14, 2017—One of the many of the advances modern technology affords, is the ability to market and monetize businesses online. Whether the goal is to capture local, national, or global attention—or to stay […]

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Now Accepting Orders – Filming & Photography Services, Shanghai

Your Video Makers in Shanghai If you’re searching for a film and video production company in Shanghai is officially taking new orders. Our mission is simple: To help small businesses and independent professionals grow their business, super-rapidly with motion graphics and visuals. We believe that videos offer the best ROI when it comes to promoting your brand. We’ll offer not only custom-tailored packages, but also cracking-deals you’ll not want to […]

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About Us
RECQUIXIT (录可喜) is a Full Service Film and Video production company in Shanghai. We specialize in everything video: from creative planning, shooting, to post-production.

Need a Video Crew, photographer, or creative talent on board? We got you covered.

Let us help grow your business with hyper-impact videos.