Reasons To Start Shooting 360 Degree Videos

现在市场上拍摄视频的手法有许多种,而其中 360° 全景拍摄的手法正在成为热门选项,这是为什么呢?在上一篇文章中我们提到了值得关注的 3 个点,今天就来继续研究为什么拍摄 360° 全景视频可以为你的品牌或产品带来利益。

360 videos are no longer new players to the game, and more of today’s savvy advertisers are switching up their gears. Nescafe has pioneered the use of 360 videos to showcase their machine’s coffee-production; we’re sure your brand can reap the benefits too with this video format.

Reasons To Start Shooting 360 Degree Videos

360° Videos Benefit your Customer

360° 视频可以为你的顾客提供更好的感受。在观看 360° 拍摄的视频时,顾客们可以将体验产品这一环节提升到一个新的高度。

最近市面上有许多旅行社拍摄 360° 全景视频,在顾客们观看视频的同时,他们好似身处当地的美景中,像是登上浪漫的埃菲尔铁塔,或是在大峡谷中探险。观看这些视频让顾客能够体会到不去旅行的损失,而你也可以拍摄这样的视频提醒观众不用你的产品会有什么损失。

Without a doubt, virtual reality yields a far more exciting experience. It enhances the sound, image, and emotional response for all human kinds. As most VR videos are also user-friendly and interactive, brands that are now employing 360 videos can also expect a greater user-engagement rate.


Reasons To Start Shooting 360 Degree Videos

Stand Out from the Crowd

360° 视频可以让你脱颖而出。

你想要超越自己的竞争对手吗?360° 视频可以帮助你领先于这场赛跑之中。随着现在 VR 技术的成熟,越来越多人倾向于尝试新的技术与领域。

Frontline 最近拍摄的一部关于 Somalia 乡村的贫穷视频运用了 360° 拍摄手法,并获得了极大的反响,外界评论说这部视频为观众带来新的视觉冲击。我想这足以说明全景视频可以让你的宣传变得独一无二,也可以将你的想法传递出去。

With virtual reality videos, you’ll shine not just brighter, but most likely be the only one shining in your industry. Creative, innovating, cutting-edge – it’s now or never.

Reasons To Start Shooting 360 Degree Videos

360° Videos are Perfect for Telling ‘Your’ Story

360° 视频十分适合讲述故事。

我们知道最好的操控人们情绪的方式就是讲故事,而且讲述故事在市场宣传中已经占有一席之地。使用 360° 拍摄手法可以让情绪被放大,这样可以促使你的观众更好的接受视频传递的讯息。

What better way to tell your story, than to bring them into it? By allowing your audience to immerse into your ‘brand’s world’, you’re literally planting your reality inside their psyche. Imagine the influence you’ll have in their memory bank. If you’re well-remembered, you’re one step closer to being their family member.