Helping Small Businesses & Independent Professionals

All moments recorded and post-produced to perfection. We offer a diverse range of filming and video production services for small businesses, independent professionals, to corporate users.

赋予画面生机. 每一个画面的拍摄和制作都追求完美.我们为每个人,每个企业,每个商业项目进行量身定制. 不论你是小型企业,工作室还是独立个人,我们是你的得力帮手。 还在寻找可靠的摄影/摄像师? – 这里就有。

A dynamic team of versatile filmmakers, videographers, producers & digital marketers. We’re driven to help grow our client’s business with high-impact & ROI-focused videos.


We understand that videos are the most powerful form of marketing tools in this digital era. Therefore, we’ve come up with a handful of film & video production packages, so you can leverage the power yourself.

1. Tell us what you need. 2. We get to work. 3. We deliver

1. 告诉我们你想要的  2. 我们开始工作  3. 我们呈现作品

World Class Standards
English & Chinese (Bilingual Team) Communications
An Unforgettable Experience – Working with us is fun!


About Us
RECQUIXIT (录可喜) is a Full Service Film and Video production company in Shanghai. We specialize in everything video: from creative planning, shooting, to post-production.

Need a Video Crew, photographer, or creative talent on board? We got you covered.

Let us help grow your business with hyper-impact videos.