A Simple & Super Formula: Make Your Video Viral

Circulate It! You’ve got your video out the oven? It’s time to bring it to limelight. Video has the potential to increase website traffic and online customers substantially.Here are some simple and super savvy ways to make your video go viral. Crisp Production Use the proper equipment or hire a video professional. Shorter, well edited videos are popular with online audiences because they don’t overwhelm a viewer with too much […]

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3 C’s to Making Your Video a Winner

Winner’s Checklist Here are 3 Big C’s on our checklist which all video’s should be scripted, filmed, and based upon. Communication The following must be communicated clearly – no compromises: What your brand purpose is. What your offer is. Why you? You should have the answers to this: What do your customers want? Why should they choose you to fulfil their demands? Creativity A creative presentation never fails to keep […]

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3 Quick Tips: Making Your Video Shine

By now, I’m sure you can attest to this: Combining video and social media is evidently a business smart way to grow your audience base and spark new leads. More individuals and organizations are now injecting video marketing into their social marketing campaigns, simply because it works. Here are some further insights that can help you strengthen your video marketing project: By now, I’m sure you’ve witnessed the power of […]

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5 Biggest Mistakes from Bad Videos

5 Things to Avoid When it comes to videos, there are both good and bad ones. Here’s a quick breakdown on what avoid when putting your video together. Remember, you want a video remembered for the right reasons – Do not compromise on your first impressions. Here are five things to avoid in your video: Don’t Be Boring A video should grab a viewer’s attention, immediately. Those first 7-seconds will […]

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How To: Build Your Business with Video – 3 Killer Tips

Take Your Business, Much Further Building a business takes time – but there are several ways in which you could expedite your brand’s growth. For one, you should be are that videos are your most versatile and efficient sales force . Most people, however, still aren’t aware of how powerful videos really are. In fact, a viral video could just change the fate of your business. Below are several key […]

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We Care, A Lot – Film Production in Shanghai

We care. The font used for your title. The syncing of the instrumental’s kick or drums to the action movement’s on film. Every single camera movement and pan executed. From the planning stages to post-production, we care every step of the way. “Every second and frame in the video better be good. We want both parties to be absolutely happy. Or, we don’t deliver it.” — Andrew Wang, Founder/Videographer/Director of […]

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3 Design Factors All Videos Must Have

The 3-Design Element Checklist Is Your Video Really Ready? Anyone can create a video, but the real challenge lies in making the video count. To us, a well composed video not only looks great, but serves a purpose. Here are 3 internal design factors that all videos should have.   在上一篇 “苹果还是香蕉” 报告中,我们提到要学会创造环境,从而与顾客沟通。 可我们对创造一个良好环境的内容,以及怎样创造良好环境的方法,报告地含糊不清,实属不该! 我们今天就来直接明了、简单粗暴,不……简单地列出营造环境的 3 个方法:   1. 独家视频 怎样做到与每个对你产生过兴趣的潜在顾客沟通?怎样把自己介绍给根本不了解自身行业或专业特性的潜在顾客? 这些顾客可能来自世界各地,有不同的文化背景,兴趣爱好,宗教信仰甚至价值观等等。 如何与他们有效沟通呢?这时候拍摄一支专属于你的视频就显得尤为必要,画面代替语言,更直观、全面地把你带到每一个顾客面前,与大家沟通交流,与大家分享你的优势和成果。   User-Contextually Relevant Video Your video’s viewer […]

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Your Partners in Video Production & Filmmaking – Shanghai

Videos Engineered for Business Growth Here at RECQUIXIT, we pride ourselves in offering world-class yet affordable video filming services for small business and independent professionals in Shanghai. We love creating motion visuals that help our client’s businesses grow. From creative planning to post-production, we’ve got all bases covered. We believe that a well-custom made video shouldn’t only introduce your brand purpose – it should connect & engage with your end-users. […]

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Video Creation Tip: 1 Video, 1 Focus – 嘿,亲爱的,别分心!

One Does It – 记得表达主题 Video Creation Tip: Keep it Crisp & Concise   Want your video to be well remembered? .. and not easily forgotten like the mountains of videos floating on the web? Stick to one message. One focus is more than sufficient. One that hits and sticks. A car can only travel in one direction at a time, so should the content direction of your video. When […]

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