5 Video Post Production Tips: Searching For The Right Sound 视频后期的5大贴士:找到最合适的背景乐

Searching for the Right Sounds 找到最合适的背景乐 Let’s get to it. Your audio is what will bring your video to life, otherwise it’s a muted and dull visual experience. We’d like to think that your visual footage is your video’s skin, while your sound gives it the heartbeat. However, do not take this process lightly. Here’s our general protocol when it comes to searching for the right sounds that best matches […]

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Creative Idea on Using Video: A Date With Your Past

Meet & Greet with Your Past 让她参与你的曾经 Here’s another unconventional way to using video, dedicated to those who are in the dating scene and would like their potential partners to see fragments of their past, all without having to say it aloud. Who were you back then? Let the visual and sounds do the talking; let them experience a bit of you. Let the pixels and rolling-film introduce your past. […]

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Why Start Vlogging? Keep a Copy of What Counts – 为什么要做视频博客?复刻那些珍贵的回忆

Why Start Vlogging? 为什么要做视频博客? We live in fast-paced, chaotic world today. Things are changing rapidly – most can’t even catch up with our times. What’s the problem here? Few of us actually stop and reflect upon what’s happening, especially with our own lives. At RECQUIXIT, we believe that the best way to learn about our strength and weaknesses, is to start tracking our own performance, thoughts, and work processes. Instead […]

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How to Solve High Bounce Rates With Video 视频,如何拯救网页的高跳出率?

An Underrated Video Advantage Cure Your Page’s Bounce Rate! 对跳出率说“不” There are millions of websites online – probably thousands competing in your line of field. How do you stand out? What’s the near-guarantee method? You’ll find out soon. But first, let’s address the issue at hand. 在整个互联网网络中,有数百万或大或小的网站,而单单在你自己的行业领域内,少说也有几千个竞争网站。 那么,如何从这些竞争者中脱颖而出?有什么万全之策可以应对? 在读完这篇文章后,你会得到这些关键问题的解答!但是眼下,先来解决手边的问题。   What’s a Bounce Rate? 什么是跳出率? If your first-time visitor leaves after the first page on your website (without clicking to […]

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Time Travel – Is It Really Possible?

Video + It’s Endless Potential Time Travel: Yes, Maybe, No? 时间旅行 As you’re reading this, humans most likely won’t time travel anytime soon; although this is a topic of hot discussion. If this mode of transportation fancies you, check out Stephen Hawking’s Space and Time Warp article. If we can’t, who can? Video. With video, you can have your brand shuttle through time and space. Once created, your video embodies […]

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3 Video Marketing Secrets (You Forgot!) | 视频营销: 大多数营销人忽略的三大好处

3 Video Marketing Secrets 这些视频营销优势,你忽略了吗? Here are 3 major benefits to using videos for your business — where most marketers today overlook. 以下是视频营销的三大好处,大多数的营销人都忽略了:   1. Get Constant Organic Exposure The more you promote your video after it’s been uploaded/distributed at the right video platforms, the more likely it’ll be seen. People will eventually stumble upon it. Traffic trickles in over time. Post your video to the right places – to […]

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How to Know What Your Client Really Wants 你真的了解消费者/客户吗?

Marketing Tip: Know Your Buyer 你的消费者/客户需要的是香蕉还是苹果,你真的懂他们吗? Every business owner should know how their customers think, and what makes them tick. 每一个成功企业对于本企业的客户或消费者一定是非常了解的。 如果有人问你,你的消费者想要的是苹果还是香蕉,你能自信对答自如吗? Why Should You know? 为什么你必须知道答案? Every buyer is different; Different set of preferences, needs, value systems, cultures, financial backgrounds, and so on. Before you can expect to win the heart’s of your customer from the hundreds of competitors you may be up against, get to really know them. […]

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Your Brand, Can Travel Around The World

Go Worldwide, with Film A real global brand, deserves to be world-renown. It won’t need wings, flight-tickets, or room accommodations. You can tap into your international audience with video. With more video social platforms on the rise, and today’s powerhouse brands like YouTube, Vimeo, Youku (more popular than ever), you may want to consider getting your share of visibility. It’s time. Connect with all continents and countless cities. Imagine the […]

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Make Your Brand Better with Video 为什么企业要选择视频来打造自己的品牌?

The Boost, Your Brand Needs Discover why in this digital era, video marketing will be the leader of all marketing methods. Say goodbye to all traditional marketing methods: Articles, directory spam, document share. Video’s here to reign supreme. What’s a Brand? The American Marketing Association defines a brand as “A name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of […]

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Make Every Moment Count & Remembered

Every Moment, Still Here We all know: You only get to go through high school once. As for university, you can always register for another semester. So, for those who are about to graduate: Roll out a camera, and record those moments to film.  Treasure those remaining days with your classmates, on campus, in those classes. Years later, you’ll be able to re-live those joyous moments of youth, all in […]

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