Getting Started

Working with us is easy. Here are four-steps.

Step 1: Briefing & Quotation

Before we move forward with filming, we always make sure we understand your project’s video requirements and business values.

This will help us film and produce a video that is coherent with your brand’s image. We’ll then help map out the production framework that meets your given budget.

Once we fully understand your project briefing, we’ll take care of the rest.

We then prepare a quotation along with an overview of the production schedule and expected deliverables.

Step 2: Research & Brainstorm

We will go the extra mile to research the existing video’s made in your industry. We strive to aim for the highest production value so your video gains the extra competitive edge.

Good ideas take time and will grow overtime.

Step 3: Filming/Production Day

Our seasoned crew of video specialists (videographers, directors, producers, production assistants) get busy with bringing your video to life.

We’ll make sure to film all the items on the shot list and messages you want your brand to communicate to your audience.

Step 4: Incubation & Revision

We show you the first-cut, and if any changes should be done, we’ll make sure the improvements are meticulously processed.