Working with us

Working with us is easy. Here are four-steps.

Step 1: Meet-Up

Before we proceed with filming, we always make sure we understand your video requirements – this way, the way we film and produce the video is coherent with your desired outcome.

Once we’ve fully understood your project briefing, your brand philosophy+values, and specific video requirements, we’ll take care of the rest.

We listen to what your business is about – what your goals are and what values you want to communicate. Everything should be in-line with your vision – Andrew Wang (Founder/Videographer/Director)

We then prepare a quotation along with overview of what will be produced in the final delivery.

Step 2: Research & Brainstorm.

We will research your industry and competitive landscape, look for new congruent ideas and further brainstorm on what to film. Good ideas take time and will grow overtime.


Step 3: Filming Day

Our seasoned filmmakers, directors, producers and crew get busy and focused on your video. We’ll make sure to film all essential shots t deliver the messages you want your brand/video to communicate to your audience.


Step 4: Incubation & Revision

We show you the first-cut, if any changes should be done, we’ll make sure the improvements are meticulously polished.

About Us
RECQUIXIT (录可喜) is a Full Service Film and Video production company in Shanghai. We specialize in everything video: from creative planning, shooting, to post-production.

Need a Video Crew, photographer, or creative talent on board? We got you covered.

Let us help grow your business with hyper-impact videos.