Live Streaming Video Tips You Need

2017 年将会是“直播”走向主流的一年,越来越多的博主和网红选择用直播的方式打造自己的品牌价值和个人知名度,但是你需要在直播的过程中注意什么呢?今天就来跟小编一起探讨一下直播时的注意事项吧!

We all know: Social media marketing is here to stay – and when executed correctly, can net massive ROI for your business. The real function to social marketing however, isn’t only to promote and brand your products and services, it’s connecting with your audience.

The trend before 2017: Share a photo on Instagram, post a new update on Facebook, or knock out a storyboard for Snapchat.

What’s hot today? producing live stream videos for your business.


Live Streaming Video Tips You Need

Camera, on you.


Right There and Then

With live stream videos, you’re bridging the divide between brand and buyer. Help your customer feel like they’re a ‘part of your brand’ – and not miles away.. Film real-life events and scenes behind your business. This helps enforce legitimacy, credibility, and noticeably the highest form of real-life engagement.

Some quick ideas: Anniversary events, product launches.

Live Streaming Video Tips You Need

Introduce Yourself

不论你的视频内容时什么,不论是办公,或只是你随便的发牢骚,你一定要确保观众知道你是谁,在哪里做什么。你永远不知道是谁会观看,所以简介明了的介绍自己是最好的办法,你可以简单地说:“你好,我是 XXX ,我现在在上海为您直播。”

Suit Up!

When creating live stream videos, the money’s in the details. If you’re the host, introduce yourself. Be selective with who you choose as the spokesman – as it’s a direct representation of the company’s brand. Suit up. Be presentable, professional, and show some personality. By personality: Keep things natural, entertaining, and not-too-perfect.

There are no shortcuts: Rehearse your key points you’d like to touch upon before you hit that ‘record’ button. This will help you save time (down the line), while yielding a far greater performance.

Live Streaming Video Tips You Need

Takeaway, Right Away.



Straight and Forward

As soon as the video plays back, your audience needs to know the following:

The Basics: Who’s Talking – How Long’s the Video?

Why should they care? Why should they watch this video?

What can they expect? State the purpose and expected outcome.

Fill in the blanks right away. Although the camera’s on you, make your video’s content ‘all about your viewer’, not you.


Patience is a Virtue

Don’t worry if your video doesn’t pick up immediately. Good things, as well as good results, take time. You will be surprised: most views come from replays.

Focus on developing a habit to making videos. In turn, you’ll always be at a surplus of content to building your brand.



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