5 Things to Avoid

When it comes to videos, there are both good and bad ones. Here’s a quick breakdown on what avoid when putting your video together. Remember, you want a video remembered for the right reasons – Do not compromise on your first impressions.

Here are five things to avoid in your video:

  1. Don’t Be Boring

A video should grab a viewer’s attention, immediately. Those first 7-seconds will determine whether they will click ‘X’ to your video or continue watching.

You have very little time, so make sure those first 7 seconds are gold.

Throughout the video, the contents and visuals of your video should also maintain consistency in providing value. Give the viewer what they want, and you’ll have their eyeballs.

  1. Not Editing the Video Properly

A poorly edited video reflects badly on the person, and also on the business producing it.

Some common hiccups: Poor camera movement, long pauses, poor transitions, overdone effects, and non-filtered background noises.

  1. Videos that are Too Long

Keep your videos short and concise – this is something we iterate over and over.  The longer your video, the more likely you’ll lose your viewer’s attention span. Two minutes or less is plenty of time for most types of videos; especially if you’re promoting a business, product or service. Respect your viewer’s time and they’ll love you for it.

  1. Distracting Features

Remove any possible distractions in your video so that viewers concentrate on your core message. Typical distractions include unnecessary background music, graphic overlays or irrelevant scenes.

  1. Not Adding a Call to Action

After someone views a video, create a call-to-action. Watch & do. Don’t just let them ‘move-on’ with their life and forget about your video. Incentivize them to take some form of action. This is crucial to getting them involved with your business.

Make the call-to-action easy to follow. Let them know exactly what they should do next.

For e.g, get them to Click on a URL to claim a prize, or visit another video to ‘Explore more’ about the topic you’re presenting.

Whatever it is, include a call-to-action.

We hope this post will help you tremendously when time comes to crafting your next video. Til next post.