Your Video Makers in Shanghai

If you’re searching for a film and video production company in Shanghai is officially taking new orders.

Our mission is simple: To help small businesses and independent professionals grow their business, super-rapidly with motion graphics and visuals.

We believe that videos offer the best ROI when it comes to promoting your brand.

We’ll offer not only custom-tailored packages, but also cracking-deals you’ll not want to miss out on.

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Video Producers, Filmmakers, Photographers – Standing-By

If you’d like to get in touch with us now for our video services (before we reach our capacity!), please contact us at, or reach us directly at our contact page

You may also book us online.

We will get back to you to confirm on our availability within 24-48hours after.




We want to leave no room for errors. When sending your video requirements, please help us understand the following:

1. Your Video Purpose

Is your video’s purpose to drive more leads and sales? Or, is it an educational one where you’d like to build awareness? What would you like your video to do for your brand?

2. Reference Video

Do you have any video examples you may have seen before for reference? This is the best way to let us know the video style and direction you’re going for.

Help us help you, and we’ll make sure we get the job done.


Searching for video professionals in Shanghai?

We’ve got all bases covered. From creative planning, production, all the way to post-production, we’ll take care of all the heavylifting.

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