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At RECQUIXIT, we’re always striving to provide the best filming, video production solutions and experience for our clients.

Thank you for being here with us. You mean a lot to us.

Below are a series of commonly asked questions – it’d only be right if we have the answers you’re looking for.

You may contact our support via email: ( and we’ll have your answers addressed within 24-48hrs.

We also offer live chat support at     WeChat: RECQUIXIT


What Can We Film?

Our Video Production Services

Please have a look at our services menu page to get a quick idea on what we can film.

If your video requirements are not listed there, please contact us with your video brief and we’ll see if we can fulfill your project demands.

How long will it take for final delivery?

This will depend on the your video type.

Some video’s can be completed within 7-Business Days, some 15-business days, while a lengthier/complex one could take up to a month or more.

We aim for speed, but we’ll never compromise the quality and organic progress during production.

How much will my video cost?

General Fees

Depending on your project type, we either charge on an hourly basis or by project.

Please contact us and supply us with full details about your video project so we can provide you an estimated quotation.



Depending on the size of the project, a 30% deposit may be required before we commence with production.  Please consult in advance.

Once film and production is complete, full payment is due

Client is responsible with providing permission to use scene/location if required.

How Do I Pay?

Payment Methods

We accept multiple payment forms, whichever is most convenient for you.

AliPay, WeChat, Paypal, Bank Transfer, All Credit Cards

Do I Get Revisions?

Yes, we provide 2 revisions max. after the first cut is submitted.

Ready for a Video? 需要拍摄或视频吗?

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