Cool Film Making Gadgets In 2016

摄影时有用的小工具可以让拍摄变得更简单,而今年则出了许多神奇的小工具。在 2016 年即将过去的这个时候,我们就来回顾一下最具创意的小工具吧。

Ever wonder how some professionals seem to capture great images in superb quality – almost effortlessly?

If you love producing videos, consider yourself lucky (very lucky), as we now have access to some of best filming equipment of our time, all at an affordable rate.

In this post, we’re about to reveal to you several handy gadgets that’ll add more flexibility, precision, and impact to your photography and film.


3 Handy Gadgets – All at Great Prices

1. GekkoGum – Keep it All Together

GekkoGum 是一个神奇却有点奇怪的小道具。GekkoGum 是一个可以将手机、相机和其他不超过 7 oz 的摄影设备黏在墙面的一个神奇道具。GekkoGum 将于下个月开始发售,定价为 $18 。

The more gears you have with you, the more likely something will go missing. Thanks to GearEye, you can now place a tracker on your items.

The FlashBag is also worth considering, as it serves as a dual-purpose compartment and reflector. Need to keep your gadgets together? Try GekkoGum (as seen in the pic above).



2. Get that Sunrise RightGolden Hour App


现在有个好方法就是在 iTunes 上下载 Gold Hour app ,这个 app 可以根据你的所在地帮你找到最好的时间、地点和天气情况,而且只需要 $4 。

Check out the Golden Hour App, which will help you identify the best times to capture that stunning sunrise or sunset.



3. Perfect Sunrises – Golden Section Finder

如果你很讲究摄影作品内的所有物品的组合的话,你一定要尝试一下 Areaware’s Golden Section Finder,有黄色和蓝色两款,并且只需要 $10 。这个小道具大小刚好可以放入钱包中,你只要用它就可以很有效率的、轻松的找到黄金比例。


Bonus Recommendations

Need to stabilize your shots? try the camera stabilizer by DJI Osmo Mobile.

You can also create your own storyboard by using the Boardfish app. Modify panels according to your preference.

Looking for some powerful, portable on-the-go lighting? The Aputure Amaran M9 is here to assist you. It’s small and handy, and it has a 9-step brightness adjustment that can last up to almost 2 hours.


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