Make Your Viewer’s Feel

Every wonder why all major TV stations still broadcast the same old war series?

It draws on one thing that we, as humans, will never grow tired of.


These shows allow us to feel a range of emotions: Love, Loyalty, Rage, Curiosity, Suspense.

All are powerful emotions which never fail to move and consume us.

This ranks among the most effective ways to make your brand better with video.

Emotions: It’s the energy of experience.

We want it. It gives more meaning and life, to life.

Whether purely entertainment or reality captured on film, you want to stir a range of emotion.

Why? to boost your user engagement.


You’re Responsible for Shaping Their Experience

Before you shoot your next video, plan ahead to strike a chord.

We call this process emotional mapping.

Create a timeline of your video, and determine for each time block, emotions you intend to evoke from your user.

How are they feeling during the first 10-seconds of the video opening?

What about the mid-point, or the end?

Before you finalize and render your video video, review this user-emotion map, and ask: Are you getting the intended response you want from your viewer?

How do you want your viewer to feel, from the very start, to end? You pilot it.

Map out the emotional rides you’ll take your viewer through. Make every second on your video count.

Video creation tip for today: Pack as many layers of emotions as possible to make the viewer’s experience memorable. The more colors, the merrier.

You want them to hit that ‘replay’ button to watch again.













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