Video Marketing x Fashion

Youtube 是世界上最成功的视频网站,研究表明用户每天平均会花费约 10 小时在 Youtube 上面浏览视频,因此很多品牌都在上面发布视频广告。不过用户真的会特意到 Youtube 上面去搜索广告来看吗?答案我不说你肯定也明白,大家恨不得把广告屏蔽掉,又怎么会主动去看广告呢。

很多品牌根据以上的结论,发现他们需要把自己的视频内容改善,从而吸引顾客想要观看他们的视频,这种视频一般代表着他们的品牌理念和价值,而在视频内容中频繁出现的 logo 和产品就会无形中的增加曝光率。

今天小编来跟大家一起分享成功打造 video marketing 的时尚品牌吧,我们一起来向前辈们取经。

Half the world’s population is now online – and most are on YouTube. This presents a growing opportunity for brands to acquire more potential fans and sales, if only they play offense with the right digital assets (ahem…that would be video).

Today’s elite fashion labels are non-surprisingly riding the waves to more success by using videos as part of their marketing campaign.

In this post, we’ll be showcasing two luxury brands who’ve capitalized on the impact of videos to not only win more views and subscribers, but snag more sales.

Fashion Brands That Use Video Marketing Successfully


Chanel 的频道有超过 400,000 人订阅,拥有时尚品牌中数一数二的粉丝量。香奈儿为了 Youtube 特意开启了全新的视频广告概念,将视频广告拍成了微电影。其中有一部非常成功的短片叫做 Reincarnation ,邀请了 Cara Delevigne 和 Pharrell Williams 主演,当时超过 30 万人观看。

除了故事内容精彩,Chanel 视频广告中的音乐部分也十分吸引人,曾有网友留言他们观看视频的最初目的就是为了听歌。视频故事引人入胜,留有的想象空间更大是 Chanel 的杀手锏,也是他们成功的原因之一。

To date, Chanel’s romantic short film “Reincarnation” has garnered over 5-million views. It’s directed by Karl Lagerfeld, while starring Cara Delevigne, Pharrell Williams and Geraldine Chaplin.

Yes, inviting A-list names can help give your video a boost, but most credits should go to their amazing film music production and visual effects. Their hypnotic “Chanel Chant” was also a clever move to embed the brand into the viewer’s mind.

Video Success Recipe: Get some A-list celebrities, catchy music, include visually stunning scenes.


Fashion Brands That Use Video Marketing Successfully 2

Christian Dior

同 Chanel 一样,Dior 的成功视频也是有名人光环加持的,但是二者的区别在哪里呢?Dior 更会利用悬疑的空间抓住人心。

最出名的视频 J’adore Dior 一开始的场景是一条长长的走道,女主奔跑时高跟鞋落地的声音和背景的音乐相融合,制造除了一种神秘的氛围。一部视频的前 5 秒钟决定了观众是否要继续往下看,而 Dior 成功的通过打造悬疑的气氛抓住了观众的胃口。

另外一点值得一提的是,Dior 每次都会在放出较长的视频广告之前,先在网上释出短短几十秒的“预告片”,配合着主角的明星光环,很多粉丝都会主动追踪真正的视频广告何时播出,并主动在第一时间观看。

Dior’s “J’adore Dior” film also features mega-celebs in their videos; however, they took a different approach by including ‘cliffhangers’ to make viewers wonder what’ll happen next.

Suspense and curiosity creates engagement.  They also had an amazingly elegant opener with Charliz Theron’s graceful entrance to the grandiose venue with hypnotic background instrumentals.

The video has clocked over 27+ million views.

Video Success Recipe: Strong Opener and Closer. A good opener keeps the viewer from switching tabs, and a strong closer makes them yearn for more.



Don’t just focus on selling or pitching your product – your fans don’t want that. They want to be mesmerized, entertained. Only then, will they reach that leve of engagement ot take action and commit further to your brand.

Create scenes your audience wants to be ‘a part of’.