An Underrated Video Advantage

Cure Your Page’s Bounce Rate! 对跳出率说“不”

There are millions of websites online – probably thousands competing in your line of field.

How do you stand out? What’s the near-guarantee method? You’ll find out soon.

But first, let’s address the issue at hand.





What’s a Bounce Rate? 什么是跳出率?

If your first-time visitor leaves after the first page on your website (without clicking to other internal pages), your bounce rate just went up.

This is not a good thing.

You want your visitors to continue browsing your page.

Well, guess what? One of the benefits to using video is that it can influence your visitor’s to stay around longer.  Engage, build curiosity, and they’ll fight to kill the itch if it appeals to their desires.

跳出率是指一个用户通过搜索关键词来到你的网站,只简单浏览了一个页面就离开与全部浏览数量的百分比。 简单来说,就是你网页的逃离率,当一个新用户到了你的网站,马上又离开了,这时候你的网站跳出率绝对升高了。




Why Bounce Rate is High 跳出率高的致命原因

Below are some common reasons that contribute to the increase of a website’s bounce rate.

Poor Navigation

If your website’s a maze, your viewer will grow frustrated and probably take the exit. They’re not here to play, they’re here to get the information they want.

They’re not here to play or waste time – they’re here to get the information they want.

Slow Loading Page

This one’s self-explanatory. Most users are impatient and will give you 5-seconds before they click that upper right hand ‘X’ button if your page continues to stall at a blank loading page.

Low Quality/Non-Relevant Content

If your content is difficult to understand, you’ve lost them, and there are no second chances. That’s why you must treasure all your first-time visitors like gold.

If your message isn’t hitting their hearts, they’ll be gone, on to your competitor’s page.

Other forms of content irrelevancy include n-site advertisements — which all lead to a downgrade in user experience.

Whatever creates confusion, frustration, or a bitter experience – will increase your bounce rate.











How to Fix Bounce Rates: Long Term


One of the best ways to reduce your website’s bounce rate is to start providing good content. In fact, you want to give your visitor a very good reason to why they should stay with you.

You would want the same for yourself.

1. Clear Message. Let them know who you are, and how you can help. Why should your brand matter?

2. Clear Heads & Subheads. To let your audience know right away what to expect – no surprises.

3. Content Tailored to Visitors. They came to your site, so present the information that they’re after.

4. Stylish Copy. An easy-to-navigate website experience is key. Is everything clear, modern, up-to-date?

Put yourself in the shoes of your viewer and voice aloud how you feel when you visit your own site.



  1. 清晰明确的信息。让你用户清楚知道你是谁,你可以为他们做什么,不然为什么要塑造品牌?
  2. 设计结构排版合理,清楚的标题和副标题。让用户一目了然。
  3. 定制内容。他们为了什么来到你的网站?为他们定制想要看的内容吧。
  4. 吸睛的风格。一个赏心悦目的良好体验是很关键的,确保你的网站简洁、现代、跟上时代节奏了吗?


The Secret Solution? – 隐藏的解决技能?

 speed-up-page-load-recquixit-filming-video-shanghaiNotice the Play Button –  If you were interested in body-building,  you’d be tempted to click.

Use Video on Your Website 让视频解决尴尬的跳出率

Consider the Video Page Re-direct Method.

This is where you create an attention-grabbing landing page, where you then re-direct to your video page which will auto-run after, with more relevant/captivating content.

Or, if your website has a rotating slider at the top, embed a video there.

Those 2-minutes are doing your website a great favor for your search engine rankings.

The name of the game, is to keep your first-time viewer there on your site longer, and have them travel to a different page.

By doing so, you earn your stripes on the search engine rankings.





Summary 总结

Keep your viewer highly engaged, right from the jump. 

Make not just a great first impression, but a great ‘first time’ experience. One that remains consistent throughout their journey with your brand.

If you need help in getting started with a video for your brand, contact us for a quick consultation, no charge. We’d love to help.

Fight for those 3-seconds, otherwise they’re forever gone, and on to your competitor’s page.






So, Can videos fix your bounce rate?

You bet.