The 3-Design Element Checklist

Is Your Video Really Ready?

Anyone can create a video, but the real challenge lies in making the video count. To us, a well composed video not only looks great, but serves a purpose. Here are 3 internal design factors that all videos should have.


在上一篇 “苹果还是香蕉” 报告中,我们提到要学会创造环境,从而与顾客沟通。


我们今天就来直接明了、简单粗暴,不……简单地列出营造环境的 3 个方法:



1. 独家视频





User-Contextually Relevant Video

Your video’s viewer will come from different parts of the world. Different countries, cultures, backgrounds, hobbies, religious beliefs, value system and so on.

Your job is to ensure that the content of your video aligns with all these areas.

Do not assume your viewer to know what your brand is about, or expect them to care.

Give them one, or more than one good reason to care.

Design your video, so they know it’s about them – or making their life better.

All this can be accomplished by first conducting a holistic research about your audience profile.Only then, can you create a video or offer that resonates with your viewer.

Hit them at the core, and you’ll have a happy buyer.


2. 直观画面



Your video’s line of visuals should not only supports your brand’s promised, it must be filmed and packaged nicely. Yes, you want to make a killer first impression, all the way to the last frame.

There’s a difference between video quality produced with your iPhone, and one filmed with a Canon 5DMark III.

Professionals are hired for a good reason, since they know how to harness and choose from the right lens, angles, and art direction to optimize your video for the best communication results.

Furthermore, your beautifully filmed images must be realistic. If you’re a selling basketball sneakers, don’t have your actors sinking multiple three-pointers as soon as they’ve worn the shoes. That’s just silly.

Instead, film them having a ‘better overall’ game. More realistic.

The entire visual sequence and color theme should always lead to a great user experience. All actors, scene settings, and music selection should work in harmony.


3. 角色转换

Your video never be about you, but your buyer.

Don’t produce something to entertain yourself or ego, consider what your potential buyer will want to see to make the decision that falls in your favor.

Your video should communicate on laymen terms. Leave the jargon, superfluous details, and any form of complexity aside. Keep things simple.

If you’re selling liquid soap, avoid spilling details of the advanced chemicals used – just share the results you’re delivering: Fast, guaranteed cleansing.

Don’t think about what the audience needs, ask them what they need. Go to them first, to find your answers.

All in all, your audience should always be associating your video with the values and emotions they’re buying into.


Once you’ve ticked off all the boxes from the three points discussed above, you’ll be ready to shoot.