Videos Engineered for Business Growth

Here at RECQUIXIT, we pride ourselves in offering world-class yet affordable video filming services for small business and independent professionals in Shanghai.

We love creating motion visuals that help our client’s businesses grow. From creative planning to post-production, we’ve got all bases covered.

We believe that a well-custom made video shouldn’t only introduce your brand purpose – it should connect & engage with your end-users.

Building trust, authority, curiosity, confidence. That’s what a video can effortlessly accomplish once you’ve produced it correctly.

Engage, interact, build trust, and bring them to your world. Over 87% of all business agree that videos add credibility to your brand.

You’ve got to use it to know how useful it is.

In fact, I’d say it’s your perfect salesman. – Andrew Wang, Founder of RECQUIXIT.



High ROI Digital Ad Spend

Producing a high quality interactive video is where you should invest your ads or marketing funds in.

Why? because videos will continue to bring you lifelong exposure, as long as it continues to stay online.

Couple that with smart distribution, and you can potentially gain long-term positive returns. More viewers, more potential buyers.

It’s a win-win, and that’s why we’re investing all our effort to producing high impact videos that converts.


A Profitable Digital Business Asset

That initial payment for production will pay you back over and over.  In fact, you’ll want to make more once you realize the power videos can harness. It’s a vital marketing asset that may just transform your business.

We provide a diverse range of packages, with video shoots for: Personal, Product, Places.

Everything is handled with care – we treat your business just like we’d take care of ours.



Some Video Ideas that Win

Some recommended video ideas for small businesses: Promo videos, product demonstrations, fan reviews, to photo trailers. These are all relatively easy to execute.

Selling a product and you’ve got happy customers writing in? Have a product testimonial made and reward them for their honest and help.

Running a restaurant or coffee shop, film it! Give your audience online a chance to tour your venue.




Boosting Those Numbers

At RECQUIXIT, we focus only on what matters – producing videos that strengthens your bottom line.

Let us will help position your brand and business for greater impact, reach, and customers.