Take Your Business, Much Further

Building a business takes time – but there are several ways in which you could expedite your brand’s growth.

For one, you should be are that videos are your most versatile and efficient sales force .

Most people, however, still aren’t aware of how powerful videos really are.

In fact, a viral video could just change the fate of your business.

Below are several key insights and tips on how to use videos to help build your brand.




Smart Distribution

Once you’ve produced a nifty video, you’ve only conquered half the battle. To help it build your business, we need to lock-in on where you should post your videos.

Your next step is to distribute it strategically online.

Don’t just throw it into any video directory.

Foundational Spread

You want to lay the foundation for a video to be re-shared or quickly syndicated to other video hosting platforms.

The more targeted reach coupled with persistent push on your end, the more likely you’ll spark new sales.



Yes, upload the video, but to the right places with your target audience.

How to make sure your video gets seen?


1. Description Rich

When you’re uploading and filling in the video descriptions, make sure it’s SEO optimized.

Use a catchy title, insert your targeted keywords into your description boxes, and never be too lazy to insert the relevant tags.

We suggest using a hashtag generator cloud tool like http://displaypurposes.com to help you get started.

Use existing data – don’t guess!


2. Share the link

Share it at the right places. Shooting in the dark is just polluting the webspace. Every video comes with

Shooting in the dark is just polluting the webspace.

Every video comes with it’s own URL. Have all your partners and team push that specific video link.


3. Track it

We recommend that you create an Excel sheet containing all video titles and URL for future reference. This way, you can access the link with ease without having to log-in to the admin areas of your Video social account.

This way, you can access the link with ease without having to log-in to the admin areas of your Video social account.

Plus, it helps to stay organized.

There’s no doubt that videos are now easy to share. It’s your best salesmen, a major asset to your brand publicity growth.

Solidify Trust Levels

When your customers can see you in video, they always trust you more. It’s brand leverage.

If you were to buy a home, would you rather see the property in film, or read the text details of the room with random snapshots?

Providing any form of ‘human’ or tangible element will always forge a stronger connection. That’s why brands like Nike, Pepsi, or Heineken all invest hefty ad money on commercials – it connects and catches new buyers.



Position Yourself: Industry Leader

Wonder why all major brands advertise with video online? – it strengthens their brand image.

A well-filmed or creatively crafted piece always yields a positive impression.

Keep your video engaging, thought-provoking, and it’s bound to make waves.

Move them.


Radically Improve Customer Service

Do your customers have frequently asked questions?

If so, create an informative video that addresses the most commonly asked questions.

This way, you save time and you solve more problems – all with one video.

You can then redirect your customers to your video links on your website or during support. Save time, save more problems.

Save time, save more problems. This should sound good to you.

Even if you’re educating your audience online or offline, video qualifies as the most efficient vehicle to engage and improve retention rates for your audience.




If they were helpless, I wouldn’t be in this business to offer them to our clients. – Andrew Wang (Founder/Videographer/Director)


Test It Yourself

We hope this post has given some ideas on how to get started with video for your business.

If you haven’t leveraged the influence of video for your marketing campaign, why not give it a shot?

Experiment, test, and see the results for yourself.

As always, experiment with different marketing methods and see which one converts best for your business.