By now, I’m sure you can attest to this: Combining video and social media is evidently a business smart way to grow your audience base and spark new leads.

More individuals and organizations are now injecting video marketing into their social marketing campaigns, simply because it works.

Here are some further insights that can help you strengthen your video marketing project:

By now, I’m sure you’ve witnessed the power of videos, and how any marketing department can benefit from using it.

The question is, what kind of videos work best?

Make It Short, To-the-Point

Videos should be less than 2-minutes. Not too short,  not too long. If anything’s too long, split to to different sequels. This way, you get more video to work with, and you don’t scare the attention-deficit users.

Just ask yourself as you are about to load a video: How would you feel if you saw the length as 1.30 minutes, how about 5-minutes?

You’ll probably watch the shorter one first ‘to get it done with’.

Publish It – Wherever Possible

Most people don’t realize that videos don’t just belong on YouTube or video sharing sites – you can also distribute it to your social profiles. A lot of social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook all allow Video uploads now.

Videos will become even easier to distribute.

You can either insert a video link and you’ll get a live stream and thumbnail, or you can upload it straight from your computer drive. Your fans can even re-share the videos at a click of a button as well, or simply copy and paste the Embed code to their site.

Gone are the days where you need to forward a copy of your large video file for it to be shared.

Publishing videos have never been easier.

Diversify Your Social Network

There are all forms of new social networks being born everyday. Look out for them, especially the emerging ones. No one knew ‘Pinterest’ when they first started, now the world does. Who’s next? That’s your hoemwork.

All you really have to do is register an account and post. Put in that time, and enjoy the returns.


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