13 Tips on Video Editing Fast with Class

Video Editing Tips – Finish Fast

When it comes to video editing, a great chunk of time could be lost here – if you don’t have a systematic approach in place.

Common issues: Indecision. Lack of direction. Poor organization. Mental fatigue.

You need to structure your process in order to optimize your performance when video editing.

Here is my workflow.


1. Footage Transfer

Stay organized! Create a folder for each device. Inside each device, create subfolders for different media types. Photos go to “Photos”, videos go inside “Video. Don’t be lazy, create the folders, and you’ll thank yourself later when you’re searching for files.

2. Footage Review

This is when you go through all the footages you reviewed. I usually give this 2-3 passes. The first pass is to ‘refresh’ your memory – so you know what went down, and what files you’ll now be working with.

3. Qualify & Eliminate

There will be unusable footages – you should trust your instinct and know right away which you can remove. It could be a super shaky footage, out of focus shot, or poor composition. Decide quickly – and simply ask yourself if you see a place for that particular footage before it hits the bin.

4. Arrange

Now, you start stitching the footages together. Take your time, play around. If you haven’t prepared a storyline before hand, this is when you’ll eventually see your open, middle, and ending.

5. Footage Review (Round 2)

This is your second round to determine whether any footage is fluff, and which can be ‘tightened’. the objective is to cut down on any footage that doesn’t support your story. If something is too repetitive, you should notice now.

6. Rest

I always make sure I give my ‘brain’ some rest. Trust me, you need to let it breathe. Come back tot he screen later. Take a walk. Have a coffee.

Once you return, you’ll be able to assess your project with fresh pair of eyes, not exhausted ones.

7. Start Editing

This is where the real editing begins. Don’t aim for perfection – just make sure you tell your story as succinctly as you can first.

8. Color Grade

Color grading is no rocket science. Adjust the colors on screen so it syncs with the mood of your video’s story.

9. Sound Effects

Your chosen sound effects should support visuals that need emphasis. Just like music, the sound effects itself can help shape the viewing experience! Don’t go lazy on just putting background music.

10. Visual Effects

Before you slap on whatever fancy visual effect footage or plugin you have on your desktop, plan this step smartly. Only apply effects that help communicate your message, or amplify your emotions.

12. Incubate

You should always let your footage sit for a day before you render it. Give yourself time to reassess if there are areas for improvement, and what you could do better.

13. Render and Distribute

Make sure all the correct settings are applied before you hit that ‘render’ button – or you’ll regret having to go back to adjust later, only to put yourself in the waiting line again.

That’s all for now 🙂 I’ll make sure to keep this post edited when I revisit later.

If you have any thoughts on how to optimize your video editing process, please feel free to e-mail us at info@recquixit.com

All the best!


7 Competitive Advantages: You Can Gain with Video

How Your Brand Can Use Videos

Once again, when it comes to communicating your company’s value effectively online, consider it done best with video.

We’ve compiled a shortlist of plausible reasons why videos are mightily helpful.

7 Key Advantages Video Brings You

Advantage #1: Purpose

Use videos to help define your purpose.

In other words, how can your business or brand truly help your customers?

After all, it’s about them. Show them that you’ve got the solutions they’ll die for, all in full HD video.

Advantage #2: Explain Crystal Clearly

Use videos to explain or breakdown complex processes and concepts. As humans, we learn

As humans, we learn much faster with visual demonstrations. Diagrams, charts, illustrations all overshadow what text can accomplish.


Advantage #3: Massive Reach

Use videos to articulate your selling points to hundreds of viewers, simultaneously.


Advantage #4: Your Brand’s Fighting Edge

Use videos to gain hyper-competitive edge (especially if you’ve got a constant stream of videos).

Just think about it. Company A employs videos, Company B uses Banners. Who will likely win more engagement?




Advantage #5: Connection

Use video to show that you’re real.

Adding a face to a brand will always win your points in the trust department.

When your audience sees you in person, you breed a tangible level of familiarity, which grows into trust.

Let your viewer ‘see’, ‘hear’, ‘feel’ what your brand’s about.


Advantage #6: Engagement Boost

No other forms of medium (not articles, emails, blog posts) can stimulate the level of engagement like video.


Advantage #7: Make Em’ Feel

Get your ‘intended’ emotional response.

Transfer any specific energy you want your product/service to with the aid of visuals and sound.

We hope you found this short guide useful.

If you haven’t incorporated videos to help propel your sales, now’s the time.

Tips For Low Cost Video Production

Tips for low cost Video Production

Tips For Low Cost Video Production


Tips for low cost Video Production

Create Multiple Videos To Reduce Your Marginal Cost

最简单、直接的方法就是将一部拍摄成品剪辑成多个视频。一个制作组在拍摄时会多摄录镜头,便于后期剪辑时的成品效果。如果你的预算有限的话,可以与摄录公司协商,在前期拍摄时多拍摄一些内容,然后后期将其剪辑成 2 部或更多部视频作品。

Tips for low cost Video Production

Reduce The Length Of The Video

缩短视频的长度。后期剪辑取决于拍摄的内容,而剪辑出一部 15 分钟的视频,与剪辑一部 5 分钟的视频所需要的内容则相差很多。


Tips for low cost Video Production

Request Photo Stills

在后期剪辑中保留一部分拍摄过程中的照片也是一个好的方法。一般在拍摄视频时,制作组都会有人拍摄一些照片,而这些照片可以用来 po 到社交媒体上,也可以在 presentation 中运用,还可以作为宣传照。



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Make sure that you contact us today. We’ll have a crew setup for you within 24-48hours.

Reasons To Use Dogs In Your Video Marketing Plan

3 Reasons To Use Dogs In Your Video

Reasons To Use Dogs In Your Video Marketing Plan

很多人都觉得小动物可爱、友善、以及具有亲和力,这其中又以狗最为受欢迎。狗的天真和忠心可以触动人内心最柔软的地方,即使不是爱狗人士,也可以看完有狗狗的视频,并且欣赏视频中的创意和幽默感,在 Video Marketing 中使用狗的形象可以引起观众共鸣。


今天就来跟小编一起探讨一下 dog power 的魔力吧。

3 Reasons To Use Dogs In Your Video

Dogs can lock attention



3 Reasons To Use Dogs In Your Video

Dogs can evoke emotions


3 Reasons To Use Dogs In Your Video

Dogs can build Trustworthiness




尽在 RECQUIXIT 录可喜上海视频拍摄制作公司),点击联系我们,聆听你的需求!

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Video Production Tip: Storytell, To Sell

Storytelling, Made Easy


Admit it: Most videos you watch are usually forgotten — right after you watch it.

Why? because the story didn’t resonate with you.

Your company’s video should only serve one purpose: To connect your brand with your intended audience, and to foster new relationships.

Only then, will your video translate to more sales for your business.

It all begins with a well-told story.

承认吧:通常,你会忘记大多数已经看过的视频 – 有些甚至刚看完就忘了。






Here are 3 keystone storytelling hacks to pack into your next video:




1. Create a Vibe, Not Just Visuals



Visuals aren’t enough. Getting the right visuals recorded to perfection is one thing, but backing your video with your a powerful storyline makes your video 20X better. 

Before you kick start the process of creating a video, start with this question:

What do you want your viewer to feel?




Start with the end-emotional result.

Figure out the human-to-human effect you want to achieve. This will streamline the process of designing your storyline as well.

 Do you want to convey an argument, entertain, inspire your viewer?

Whatever the after effect, make sure it aligns with your brand’s value and image.







2. Focus on Delivering “One Message”

专注于传递 “一个信息”

What’s that ‘one thing’ you’re trying to say about your brand? Make it loud and clear.

If you run a restaurant and you’re emphasizing food safety, then all your recorded footage and voice-overs should support it. Selling organic pork? Film how your pigs were raised from your dedicated farms, organically.

Tip: The contents of your video should always hold the solution to your audience’s problem.

Stick to one takeaway message.








3. Make It: Easy to Follow



Be aware that your audience lives a ‘busy life’.  We all are nowadays. So, why should they stop whatever they’re currently busy doing, and give you 1-2 minutes of their life?





Why should they care?

Then, make sure they do.

You’ll lose your audience’s focus, if your video doesn’t hook them within the first 5 seconds. The same applies if it’s too complicated, windy — or just flat our boring.

Take them from A to B, B to C, C to D — seamlessly.

Keep it simple; leave no room for miscommunication-  because once you do, they may just not return.



如果你的视频在前5秒钟内无法吸引观众的目光,那么你将失去他们所有的关注。如果内容太过于复杂,也会出现相同的结果 – 过于平淡无聊也一样。

引领他们从A点到B点,B点到C点,C点到D点 – 做到无缝连接。

保持简单化;不要为信息的沟通误解问题留下任何余地 – 因为一旦出现沟通误解,你的观众将会一去不返。


Your Video’s Core


Your storyline is the backbone to your video – so piece the above elements thoughtfully together.

There is ‘no best way’ to storytell – but, with the given result-focused format above, we’re sure you’ll have a high-impact + high ROI video in the works.

故事情节是一支视频的中坚力量 – 因此,每一个故事设计都需要深思,将以上关键点经过加工结合起来。

讲故事“没有最好的方法”,但是,凭借上述给出的关键点 — 以结果为导向的逆向思维,相信你将会制作出一个具有高影响力+高投资回报率的视频!

3 Quick Tips: Making Your Video Shine

By now, I’m sure you can attest to this: Combining video and social media is evidently a business smart way to grow your audience base and spark new leads.

More individuals and organizations are now injecting video marketing into their social marketing campaigns, simply because it works.

Here are some further insights that can help you strengthen your video marketing project:

By now, I’m sure you’ve witnessed the power of videos, and how any marketing department can benefit from using it.

The question is, what kind of videos work best?

Make It Short, To-the-Point

Videos should be less than 2-minutes. Not too short,  not too long. If anything’s too long, split to to different sequels. This way, you get more video to work with, and you don’t scare the attention-deficit users.

Just ask yourself as you are about to load a video: How would you feel if you saw the length as 1.30 minutes, how about 5-minutes?

You’ll probably watch the shorter one first ‘to get it done with’.

Publish It – Wherever Possible

Most people don’t realize that videos don’t just belong on YouTube or video sharing sites – you can also distribute it to your social profiles. A lot of social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook all allow Video uploads now.

Videos will become even easier to distribute.

You can either insert a video link and you’ll get a live stream and thumbnail, or you can upload it straight from your computer drive. Your fans can even re-share the videos at a click of a button as well, or simply copy and paste the Embed code to their site.

Gone are the days where you need to forward a copy of your large video file for it to be shared.

Publishing videos have never been easier.

Diversify Your Social Network

There are all forms of new social networks being born everyday. Look out for them, especially the emerging ones. No one knew ‘Pinterest’ when they first started, now the world does. Who’s next? That’s your hoemwork.

All you really have to do is register an account and post. Put in that time, and enjoy the returns.


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5 Video Post Production Tips: Searching For The Right Sound 视频后期的5大贴士:找到最合适的背景乐

Searching for the Right Sounds 找到最合适的背景乐

Let’s get to it.

Your audio is what will bring your video to life, otherwise it’s a muted and dull visual experience.

We’d like to think that your visual footage is your video’s skin, while your sound gives it the heartbeat.

However, do not take this process lightly.

Here’s our general protocol when it comes to searching for the right sounds that best matches your video.






1. Compatibility 兼容性

The first step is to make sure the music you’ve selected is compatible with the entire visual sequence.

You have to be the A&R to your video. The sound scout.

If you’re injecting any background music, the two need to sync together nicely to achieve the desired effect you’d like for your target audience.

Is the background music too distracting? too loud?

Is it working in tandem?

Does it fit the context of your video’s purpose?

Avoid having two separate identities pieced together. It’s not a game of opposites.









2. Syncing It: Sound & Sight 视觉与听觉同步

Is your footage dancing to the sound of the beat?

Ideally, you’d want a seamless integration wherever possible.

Sometimes you need to cut off parts of the audio for a desired pause effect.

Sometimes, you need more than 2-3 audio’s lined up as your scenes are changing.

Let the two tango.







3. How do you feel? 你觉得如何?

How do you feel with every second that has unfolded?

Are you feeling the intended emotion you’d like your viewer to feel?

With sound, you can: Uplift, build suspense,  instill relaxation. Feature the right instruments, play them at the right notes, and place everything at the right time, pitch, intensity.

Let the sound waves shape the experience.

There should be no conflict to the ears.   It should make sense.

If you’re expecting any form of emotional response – make sure you guarantee it with video.

Ask yourself, are you experiencing the sensations you’d like?  If you don’t, your viewer probably won’t.







4. Using Sound Effects 使用音效

Don’t just rely entirely on music, harness sound effects.

Horns, sirens, glass-shatters can all trigger a reaction. An incoming text? Drop a notification sound in to your video editing software’s project sequence.

Just make sure they’re familiar sounds. An abstract mythical sound fused with a forest scene can pique curiosity and evoke a sense of isolated environment. Using echos can give perspective to the dimension of space.







5. Avoid Overdose 避免用力过猛

Too much sound will only lead to sound pollution. Don’t make it a mess. Strike a fine balance. Always start by working with less, and only fill the in the gaps when they present themselves.

By default, we only start with 1 background audio, and progress from there.



There’s rarely a ‘perfect’ sound, but plenty of ones that will work. Opt for the latter approach as the odds are better.

Once everything is arranged. Mix it up. Experiment with different sound arrangements. Remember to give you first cut the “incubation” period.

Fade in nicely, and fade out. Alter sound volume levels if you think it’s necessary at certain segments. Experiment and see what works.