7 Competitive Advantages: You Can Gain with Video

How Your Brand Can Use Videos

Once again, when it comes to communicating your company’s value effectively online, consider it done best with video.

We’ve compiled a shortlist of plausible reasons why videos are mightily helpful.

7 Key Advantages Video Brings You

Advantage #1: Purpose

Use videos to help define your purpose.

In other words, how can your business or brand truly help your customers?

After all, it’s about them. Show them that you’ve got the solutions they’ll die for, all in full HD video.

Advantage #2: Explain Crystal Clearly

Use videos to explain or breakdown complex processes and concepts. As humans, we learn

As humans, we learn much faster with visual demonstrations. Diagrams, charts, illustrations all overshadow what text can accomplish.


Advantage #3: Massive Reach

Use videos to articulate your selling points to hundreds of viewers, simultaneously.


Advantage #4: Your Brand’s Fighting Edge

Use videos to gain hyper-competitive edge (especially if you’ve got a constant stream of videos).

Just think about it. Company A employs videos, Company B uses Banners. Who will likely win more engagement?




Advantage #5: Connection

Use video to show that you’re real.

Adding a face to a brand will always win your points in the trust department.

When your audience sees you in person, you breed a tangible level of familiarity, which grows into trust.

Let your viewer ‘see’, ‘hear’, ‘feel’ what your brand’s about.


Advantage #6: Engagement Boost

No other forms of medium (not articles, emails, blog posts) can stimulate the level of engagement like video.


Advantage #7: Make Em’ Feel

Get your ‘intended’ emotional response.

Transfer any specific energy you want your product/service to with the aid of visuals and sound.

We hope you found this short guide useful.

If you haven’t incorporated videos to help propel your sales, now’s the time.