7 Competitive Advantages: You Can Gain with Video

How Your Brand Can Use Videos

Once again, when it comes to communicating your company’s value effectively online, consider it done best with video.

We’ve compiled a shortlist of plausible reasons why videos are mightily helpful.

7 Key Advantages Video Brings You

Advantage #1: Purpose

Use videos to help define your purpose.

In other words, how can your business or brand truly help your customers?

After all, it’s about them. Show them that you’ve got the solutions they’ll die for, all in full HD video.

Advantage #2: Explain Crystal Clearly

Use videos to explain or breakdown complex processes and concepts. As humans, we learn

As humans, we learn much faster with visual demonstrations. Diagrams, charts, illustrations all overshadow what text can accomplish.


Advantage #3: Massive Reach

Use videos to articulate your selling points to hundreds of viewers, simultaneously.


Advantage #4: Your Brand’s Fighting Edge

Use videos to gain hyper-competitive edge (especially if you’ve got a constant stream of videos).

Just think about it. Company A employs videos, Company B uses Banners. Who will likely win more engagement?




Advantage #5: Connection

Use video to show that you’re real.

Adding a face to a brand will always win your points in the trust department.

When your audience sees you in person, you breed a tangible level of familiarity, which grows into trust.

Let your viewer ‘see’, ‘hear’, ‘feel’ what your brand’s about.


Advantage #6: Engagement Boost

No other forms of medium (not articles, emails, blog posts) can stimulate the level of engagement like video.


Advantage #7: Make Em’ Feel

Get your ‘intended’ emotional response.

Transfer any specific energy you want your product/service to with the aid of visuals and sound.

We hope you found this short guide useful.

If you haven’t incorporated videos to help propel your sales, now’s the time.

3 Underrated Benefits of Video Marketing 视频营销隐藏的3大好处

3 Video Marketing Benefits – You Never Knew

Oftentimes, a video’s inherent beauty and force goes underrated.

Most businesses know that videos are ‘In’. They agree: Videos are highly effective in firing up exposure, thus bringing in more potential sales.

However, to truly understand the power of video, we need to dive deeper into the details.


Video Isn’t Just Visual – 视频,并不只是视觉动图

A video isn’t just a  body of data: frames, scenes, and sound.

It’s a message. One that can yield massive impact.

One that can shape the behavior of your viewer, or change their life 360. If so, what makes you think that video can’t also alter the life path of your business?










3 Beautiful Benefits of Video – 视频营销的3大好处


1. No Expiration Date

It doesn’t have a life expectancy (unless you remove it manually).

You don’t have to worry about it under performing or suffering injuries.

A video made today, will last forever; and will continue to engage with new potential buyers not only during your lifetime, but the next. Hey, we still watch old movies from back in the days. What makes you think the video you produce for your business today, wont’ be seen 100 years later?








2. It Gets Better With Time

We always say: Video’s like wine, it gets better with time.

Eventually, your video will accumulate more views, and steadily rise the ranks in the video directory for it’s optimized keyword.

What this does is, bring you more traffic on automation.



3. A Versatile Marketing Instrument

It’s the most versatile and effective marketing instrument of our time.

If you’d like to produce content that goes a long way and brings incredible returns, this is it.

Now, that’s the real beauty of video.






If you’re still not using videos to promote your business, you’re not just leaving money on the table, you’re simply sitting on the sidelines watching your competitors beat you with it.


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Best Salesman For Your Business – 在线视频中小企业的销售武器

Your Business, Needs this Salesman

The most high-performing, high-converting, and highly-efficient sales force of our digital age no longer has to be dependent on a person.

Whether it be the purchase of a product or travel destination, video’s can create and shape a viewer’s emotion.

This is key – as your emotions hold the greatest influence on purchasing decisions. It’s the only judge you need to convince.

Now, let’s reflect a bit.

Remember the last time you saw a brand with an introduction video? It may have been a brand ambassador speaking, or one animated with motion graphics?

You felt like you knew more about the brand after didn’t you?

All it took to connect with you (as a potential customer) on a deeper level, was with video.


What you probably didn’t know though: Is that videos can plant the seeds to inspire action.


That’s why movies pre-launch with trailers — to not only create awareness, but to light up the curiosity and imagination in our minds to crave for more.

We’re also written a post on 7 more competitive advantages with video which you can tap into.




Peep the numbers.

According to the U.S Market research….

73% of adults who preferred to watch the product or service related to the video introduction, made the purchase.


In a survey for online shopping satisfaction:

96% of consumers believe that video always helps make for a better purchasing decision. This could get all the hesitant clients over that pesky fence.

58% of consumers believe that a company or store with video is more trustworthy. If you dare to be seen, publicized, you’ve got nothing to hide.

71% of consumers believe that the video provides a better image for the company.

77% of consumers believe that the production of videos helps make the seller to consumer experience more interactive, therefore intimate.


The only way is up.

In 2015, online video accounted for 64% of all consumer internet traffic.

The number is expected to rise to 69% by 2017, and 79% by 2018

4 times as many customers would rather watch a video than read about it.

70% of marketers claim videos produces more conversions than any other form of content.



3 Easy Sales Boosting Video Ideas

1. Testimonial Videos

Let your current or past customers do the talking for you.

Brand evangelists are king in building brand legitimacy. Most people looking for reviews about your business, will turn to your past customers for feedback first.

2. Virtual Sales Presentation

Explain with video, what your product or service does best.  Regardless of what industry you’re in, make sure the video is easy to follow and digest. A 10-year old should be able to understand what your brand’s about.

3. Virtual Tours

These are most suited for businesses with physical assets.

Got a restaurant, clinic, restaurant?

Give them a virtual tour. Create that itch to visit.


testimonial-video-recquixit virtual-sales-presentation-video-recquixit virtual-tour-recquixit






73% 的成年人,更喜欢在观看完,所销售的产品或服务的相关视频介绍、展示后购买该产品



58% 的消费者认为,有视频展示的公司或店铺,产品信任度更高

71% 的消费者认为,视频展示给公司形象带来了积极的正面效应

77% 的消费者认为,制作在线视频的公司与消费者更亲密,更有互动性

看到这些切实的数据,你了解你的顾客需求了吗?拍摄视频 的 计划刻不容缓!