Winner’s Checklist

Here are 3 Big C’s on our checklist which all video’s should be scripted, filmed, and based upon.


The following must be communicated clearly – no compromises:

What your brand purpose is.

What your offer is.

Why you?

You should have the answers to this: What do your customers want? Why should they choose you to fulfil their demands?


A creative presentation never fails to keep the viewer’s attention engaged. If possible, throwing this powerful ingredient to your video will make it more memorable and appreciated. Who doesn’t like to see something creative?

Culture Fit

If the video is filmed in a way that’s contextually relevant with the local culture, you’ll get more votes from them.

After all, your brand’s goal should be to remove any form of conflict; get involved and sync in with your target audience.

If you’re promoting to a local Chinese client; conduct audience profile research first. Their vision, work ethics, and business ethos may differ from those who are Thai.

Who are they?

What are their goals?

What are some commonly shared life philosophies or beliefs?

Actually Do It

We hope you’ve taken the above insights to account seriously and will implement them in your next video campaign. At RECQUIXIT, we’re always open to consult with businesses on building their brand with video. Feel free to email or give us a call.