Circulate It!

You’ve got your video out the oven?

It’s time to bring it to limelight.

Video has the potential to increase website traffic and online customers substantially.Here are some simple and super savvy ways to make your video go viral.

Crisp Production

Use the proper equipment or hire a video professional.

Shorter, well edited videos are popular with online audiences because they don’t overwhelm a viewer with too much information.

Respect your reader’s time.

A two or three minute video is more effective than a longer video.

Constructive Content 

People watch a video because of it’s content.

What your video reveals should not be about you, but how you can serve them. This is always the guaranteed way to win attention, interest, and action.

To ice the cake, ensure that the video has emotional triggered: Make it funny, entertaining, controversial or educational.

All these triggers will eventually inject more value into your video’s production.

Distribution  Promotion

Once you have a high-quality video you have to share it with the world. Before that, start locally.

Narrow in first, build your core audience and supporters, then go wide.

Initially, you have to do this yourself by distributing and sharing your video on video sharing websites, social media websites and other high-traffic websites.

There are Softwares and online cloud services that can facilitate this process, Google for one hat fits your budget and usage rate.

Make it Easy to Find and Share

Your video should be easy to share and embed on other websites. Ask people to share your content if they find it useful.

Make it easy for people to find your website on search engines and video sharing websites by optimizing your video’s title, descriptions, tags and other elements of a video listing.

A video is the perfect and timeless tool to get more online exposure.

The formula above increases the likelihood of a video going viral which will increase website traffic and providing many benefits for your business.

Let us help you get started today with video.