Videos for Revenues

Videos have multiple and oft-underrated advantages – they’re not just great sources of entertainment.

For one, they’re the most versatile marketing tool. It has infinite potential to go viral, and it’s cross-platform friendly. What’s that mean? You can share it on all social networks, on your phone, and even offline.

Two, they offer serious branding power. Use videos to reinforce your brand image and values.

Now, let’s talk about 3 profitable ways on how to use videos to build your business.


Firepower for Promotions

If you’re going to promote something, what’s the most budget-efficient and highest impact move?

Promote online.

With the right video and online syndication in place, you’ll be counting more leads in one night than you would have by handing out flyers on the streets in one month.

Nowadays, online advertising campaigns also allow you to ‘select’ who views your videos – this way, you can sleep soundly knowing that your money isn’t blindly burnt. Oh, and we’re sure you know this by now: People always respond more favorably to videos.




In-Store Experience

A great way to spice up your store’s decor and reinforce that you’re ‘here with the times’ is by displaying video in your store. Even if you’re setting up a pop-up store, bringing a video on board will make your customer’s experience more interactive.

Your video can be abstract, instructional, artistic – whichever aligns best with the experience you’re trying to craft.

You’ve got all the space, you’ve got all the rights, why not make use of it?

Video Testimonials

If you’d like to win over those stubborn on-the-fence customers, video testimonials could just be the tipping point.

A well-produced and realistic feedback by your past client or customer is proven to help bring you more customers.

We call this getting your ‘word-of-mouth’ on film.

We’re confident that all methods presented above will drive more sales, exposure – awareness to your business. Give it a try. You’d be surprised at who watches and visits your venue.


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