Visual Currency On The Rise

It is no coincidence. We’re now observing a high influx of visual content, especially in the form of videos.

90% of the information which your brain processes come from what you see.

If you own a business, how can you not integrate video to market your produce or service?


Higher Memory  Retention

We’ve now evolved deep into the era of visual content marketing – and there’s no turning back.

No one has the time to read thousands of words – unless you’re an avid reader.

How many times have you referred to a written manual when purchasing a product?Almost never, you just open up YouTube and find some video tutorials for help.

Fact is: Humans are visual people, we’re more likely to remember what we’ve seen than what we’ve read or heard about.

To learn something, we’d rather watch someone demonstrate it before us rather than read about it.

I’m sure we can all recollect bits and pieces of a video ad or movie we’ve seen in our childhood, but do you remember how your latest product description was written?

This is because our brain responds to visual content 60,000 times faster than text.


 It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Making a video doesn’t have to be an expensive process. If you have a smart phone and internet connection, a little imagination and creativity could go a long way.

There are also plenty of of free video editing software’s online – they may not produce results as good as advanced software do, but they can get the job done if your project expectations aren’t high.

It is a win-win situation for you, as research also shows that videos can provide 300% more inbound links to the posts.

When you decide to make videos for visual markets, the sky is the limit for your options.

If you can visualize anything in your head, you can probably translate that to film.

Business-Propelling Video Ideas

You can record the satisfied customer views or answer their questions about your product/service.

You may also run a competition on the air for your customers to make some video regarding your product to get some prize.

This all will induce a sense of trust in your customers as the actions speak louder than words. When people see that a real person is praising your product they are more inclined towards buying it.

Research shows that people will purchase a thing they need from a source recommended to them. 92% of the people will trust the statements of known people and 77% will be looking towards a trusted source for advice.

Using videos for visual marketing can prove to be a great tool to improve your business if implemented properly. The only concern you should have is to be creative and consistent. What is working for one company may not work for yours.


Videos Continue to Sizzle

It is a fact that people love videos, and so do your consumers and companies.

The future of marketing is a visual one and video marketing is the king of this field. If implemented creatively and in time, it is a game changer for any business.


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