Go Worldwide, with Film

A real global brand, deserves to be world-renown.

It won’t need wings, flight-tickets, or room accommodations.

You can tap into your international audience with video. With more video social platforms on the rise, and today’s powerhouse brands like YouTube, Vimeo, Youku (more popular than ever), you may want to consider getting your share of visibility.

It’s time.

Connect with all continents and countless cities. Imagine the possibilities – the untapped customer base. It’s in your hands to decide how to move forth.

Don’t be selfish – let the world experience a piece of your brand.





  1. 开通 Visa



  1. 为你的护照盖章


  1. 让你的品牌登上私人飞机

在激烈竞争的环境下,消费者拥有更多选择诱惑,视频让你的产品获得额 外的优势,全球的知名度为你带来忠实的顾客,让你的销量不断攀升 。


What will you need to get started? Firstly, let’s start with a…

Your Video Crew in Shanghai



RECQUIXIT is your full-service video production crew. From creative conceptualizing, filming, to advanced post-production, we’ve got all bases covered for your business.

We’d love to help you get started with your video. Contact us and let’s help put those wings to your brand.