3 Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing

Amongst the most game changing marketing methods of our time today, is video marketing. It’s your best bet in gaining an edge over your competitor; whether you are still a startup or corporation.

One video could just be the facelift your business needs.

Here are a few reasons you should set ‘video marketing’ as high priority on your marketing campaign’s promo-schedule.

Video Marketing 是近几年非常流行的一种推广方式,也是大势所趋的方向。如果你不清楚为什么要选择 Video Marketing 的话,不如来看小编为你介绍的 3 个最基本的理由吧!

1. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

75% of consumers who watched a business’s product or advertorial video led to a purchase. This figure is phenomenal.

You may have an amazing product for your targeted audience but if no one ‘knows’ about it, the product isn’t going to sell itself. Let your video make the introductions and seal the deal. Afterall, video is your best salesman.

做市场和销售最看重的还是最终的收益,而宣传是将利益最大化的一环重要因素。拍摄视频可以与销售直接挂钩,接近 75% 的消费者在看过商家或产品的宣传视频之后,大多都会选择购买或消费。

2. Video Encourages Social Shares


3. Video Can Explain Everything

你要为自己的品牌发布新的产品或新的服务吗?拍摄一个视频短片,在视频里为大家详尽的介绍一番吧。有研究表明,接近 98% 的用户都看过某一款产品或服务的介绍短片。如果你要推出的是复杂的服务或产品,不放试试看用动画的形式来表达。


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