Marketing Tip: Know Your Buyer


Every business owner should know how their customers think, and what makes them tick.

每一个成功企业对于本企业的客户或消费者一定是非常了解的。 如果有人问你,你的消费者想要的是苹果还是香蕉,你能自信对答自如吗?

Why Should You know? 为什么你必须知道答案?

Every buyer is different; Different set of preferences, needs, value systems, cultures, financial backgrounds, and so on.

Before you can expect to win the heart’s of your customer from the hundreds of competitors you may be up against, get to really know them.

This comes down to the Apples or Banana question. If a customer prefers Bananas over Apples, there’s no point in force-feeding the apple into their hands.




How Can You Confirm Your Client’s Needs?

It’s easier than you think yet most people fail to do it.


Ask your customer/follower explicitly what they want.

Ask the right questions, at the right time, and provide some sweet incentives to receive their honest feedback.

If you don’t ask, it’s 100% guaranteed you won’t have the answer you’re looking for.

Most sellers and brands fall short when diving heads-on into the details.

Their common excuse: Compiling data is too boring, time-consuming.

Most are also too lazy to collect, or fear that questioning their customers (with e-mail surveys, feedback acquisition) may be too intrusive.

If your customers love what you’re doing, they won’t mind hearing from you. You should have no reason to be shy either.


Get Feedback, Lots of Them

Stop making assumptions. Contact your audience base directly and extract feedback.

Then, build your video around what they need.

Get on the same page with your customers. What speaks to them to what pushes their buttons.







But first, know your customer. 首先,了解你的消费者

How? 怎样做呢?

Talk to them. There’s no better way to confirm their interests through first hand interaction.

Find out their lifestyle, what they do when they’re busy, what they do in their downtime.

What’s their living environment like? What do they think/worry/dream about daily?

Get inside their heads.





Contextual User Analysis

When it comes to understanding what your customer/client wants,  you should also consider the context.

Columbia University has conducted a survey for Red wine. They realized that the same bottle of red, can tasted differently according to mood or the physical environment in which the wine was drank from. In fact, some subjects even suggested flavor differences.

That’s why we must ask – to leave no room for guesses.

Humans are intricate begins. We carry different moods, philosophy, prejudices and beliefs. Don’t stereotype or pigeonhole your buyer.

Analyze the context, and realign your marketing methods accordingly.



哥伦比亚大学做过一个关于红酒的调查:同一瓶红酒,在品酒人不同的心情状态下,或是身处不同的环境中, 都会有不同的味道。





从他们的角度出发,和他们站在一起, 你才能知道他们从你的信息里能读到什么,你才能真正明白你要做的是什么。



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