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Shanghai based RECQUIXIT makes premium videos and visual imagery available to website and business owners around the globe.

NATIONWIDE, May 14, 2017—One of the many of the advances modern technology affords, is the ability to market and monetize businesses online. Whether the goal is to capture local, national, or global attention—or to stay competitive in today’s electronically savvy world, most business owners opt to have a website, social media, and online professional profiles.

What business owners must take into consideration, is that their competitors from around the world will be working hard to increase their online presence too—which means it is essential to differentiate from competitors. While photography and visual imagery have always increased the success of marketing—both online and offline, visual imagery has a far more significant impact in the online world.

The impact of visual imagery is so significant, that it increases consumer engagement by an average of 85%. With this in mind Shanghai based Recquixit has worked diligently to provide access to premium motion visuals for clients around the globe. This includes video production, photography, and videography that is personally customized for the needs of their individual clients.




Recquixit specializes in Shanghai video production, and consists of a team of bilingual Chinese and English professionals —who can custom craft all projects that require videography or visual imagery.

“The ability to post online videos on your website, landing pages, and social media platforms allows business owners of all sizes to market their business through custom made videos and commercials. At Recquixit we produce fully personalized, premium motion visuals—for a price that can fit into all marketing budgets.” –  Andrew Wang

The team at Recquixit consists of Shanghai Photographers, Shanghai Videographers, and a full service Shanghai Video Production team. All projects are completely personalized to the individual client’s needs, and are produced with the highest quality of modern visual technology.

“We create motion visuals that resonate deeply with the viewers. After watching your customized marketing video, your level of consumer engagement and trust will skyrocket.” Andrew Wang

Although based in Shanghai, Recquixit works remotely with clients from around the world to produce all of their online visual imagery. To learn more about the services offered by Recquixit, and their team of Shanghai Photographers, Shanghai Videographers, and a Shanghai Video Production team please visit


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