The Eccentricity Effect

It works. 

So, incorporate it to your videos.

The more bizarre/ridiculous/crazy/hilarious your video, the more likely it’ll stand out.

When something stands out, it then stands a greater chance of being re-shared.

Hopefully, going viral is an objective of your business.

One of our content creation rule is to avoid boredom like the flu.

People automatically forget – or worse, reject – the predictable or ordinary.

The visual direction and story of your brand’s video should shake senses.



Infusing elements of eccentricity not only increases attention spans, but converts.

The Taiwanese pop legendary A-Mei is doing it. Why? because it works. Check out here latest music video with Lady Gaga inspired motifs.

Think about it: Lady Gaga’s eccentricity helped catapult her to becoming the 7th most influential women,  according to Forbes.




The Easy Formula

Produce a bizarre or bordering taboo video – but know where to draw the line in the sand.

Make them feel what you want them to. Is it trust? excitement? curiosity?

Either way, you’ll score deep engagement.

Whether your video was designed to shock, enlighten, entertain, or empower your viewer, make them feel something.

Get that video cooking with the right dose of eccentricity -and it may just spread like wildfire.




暌违六年,张惠妹带着 <Amit 2> 重新发声,诡异的海报和预告 MV 已经着实吸引眼球,大吊观众胃口。


放眼看看最近的歌手 MV,几乎都在以新的视角,新的故事为主攻方向。歌迷们越来越不满足于只看歌手们在 MV 中谈个恋爱、淋场雨、跑个步而已了。

大胆的画面,丰富的色彩,出其不意的故事情节,一支 MV 足以构成一部微电影,不论这些 MV 内容评价如何,收获的却是实实在在的点击率和经济利益。




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