3 Reasons: Why Your Factory Needs a Video

There a myriad of reasons. You can use video as part of your marketing campaign, or create a video for public relations to filming internal on-boarding guides for your new employees.

Save time, get more done, maximize productivity. That’s what all factories should focus on.

By tapping into the power of video, your factory and brand can reap the following benefits as stated below.



Gain Credibility

Giving your clients a preview of your facilities well-being, clean environment, and friendly staff, is not only good business practice, but works in your brand image’s favor.

Use video to improve your brand image.

What are some things you may consider filming? Start with our client.

What would they want to see in order to work with you?

What visual elements would they like to see, in order to vote in your favor and not your competitors?


Instill Trust

Your client could be based overseas – and they won’t have have the luxury of time to fly-in on a whim to visit.

Why not shortcut the process of winning their trust over, by introducing yourself via video?

Get your company’s CEO or director behind the screen to provide a warm greeting and introduction. A video for your factory doesn’t have to be complicated or Hollywood-material.

The key is to be visible, transparent, accessible.


Gain Publicity

You’ve got a factory; we’re sure you could always use more inquiries.

With the right video and marketing campaign in place, you’re only one step away from scoring more potential leads from your business. Upload your company video to the primary networks, and be seen by potential clients worldwide.

Acquiring new clients can be a time consuming process, but this can be solved with video.

Keep yourself busy with fine-tuning the operations, and let your video take care of the sales for you.

Make sure you check out more of our works at our portfolio.


4k Video and Film Services, Shanghai  Factory

Video filmed & produced by Andrew Wang

Qiutong Factory Introduction – A manufacturing  supplier that specializes in chips & boards.

Video Purpose: The final cut will be used as an interior digital motion display inside their office.

Format: 4K Production, HD

Camera: Lumix GH4

Need a Factory Video?

Does your factory need a video? Need a corporate video or promo video for your facilities?

We can help you.

We’re got a team of video professionals standing by.

From creative planning, production, all the way to post-production, we’ll take care of all the heavy-lifting.

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