Every Moment, Still Here

We all know: You only get to go through high school once.

As for university, you can always register for another semester.

So, for those who are about to graduate: Roll out a camera, and record those moments to film. 

Treasure those remaining days with your classmates, on campus, in those classes.

Years later, you’ll be able to re-live those joyous moments of youth, all in high quality and visual.

The same applies for every oversea trip and special occasion (anniversaries, birthdays). These are all precious moments that deserve time on video.

It’s nostalgia you’ll want to indulge in.




Leave No Moments Behind. Film Them

While you still can, capture the crucial moments. Don’t let them slip through your fingers and into the pits of oblivion as you get older.

Preserve the moments of your youth (or your child’s/family) with video. Contact us today for filming packages on documentary videos.





Searching for Video Professionals in Shanghai?

We’ve got all forms of filming services covered. From creative planning, production, all the way to post-production, we’ll take care of all the heavy-lifting.



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